Find the Perfect Venue

The Venuemob team is making it easier for people to discover great venues around Australia for their events. We are a young team that loves to hunt down all manner of hip, elegant, professional, or unique venues. We are building a product that showcases the amazing locations we come across and at the same time, we aim to help event organisers save time and effort when looking for venues. Connecting the right people with the right spaces, that's the key. After all, everybody and every event is nothing if not individual!

The Company

Founded in 2012, Venuemob is an Australian internet company backed (and funded) by the University of Melbourne and the Optus Singtel Group.

Who Exactly is Venuemob?

Venuemob is a charismatic posse, led forward by our three equally fearless founders. As with any great team though, Venuemob is also the sum of its well-oiled, hard-working, hard-playing parts. We're young, we're endlessly driven, we've probably got some sort of caffeine dependency, and by gosh do we know about hunting down the coolest venues around.

David Wei
James Giang
Ying Wang
Emily Griffis
Yvette Garraway
Marcus Hughes
Amber Robinson
Paul Millar
Will Pringle
Guri Grewal
Rebecca Mery
Briana Davis
Blake Barnard