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When planning a Function in Carlton, it is difficult to select the appropriate function venue needed to hold your Function. But with the help of Venuemob, the process of having to find the right function venue is a lot easier. Venuemob provides a hassle-free service that finds the best function spaces suitable for your Function by accessing information and prices of the numerous Function venues located within Carlton.

Middle Fish

Capacity: Standing - 200
Seating - 100

Middle Fish is the offspring of Siriporn "Pla" Liamthong, former business partner of St Ali, and her partner, David Holtum. Built of a rustic minimalist combination of roadside diners and alley bins, the light filled warehouse is the perfect place to hang out with friends and family. A menu pioneered by Liamthong's aunt brings Thai classics, great platters for sharing.

The Dan O'Connell Hotel

Capacity: Standing - 150
Seating - 100

Built in 1884, the Dan O’Connell has been keeping locals hydrated for well over a hundred years. While an incredibly old and rather regal looking building, there’s thankfully little that’s antiquated or stuffy about ‘the Dan’. Playing host to open mic nights, trivia, and probably one of the biggest annual St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Melbourne,the Dan O’Connell is a bona fide Carlton fixture. Of course, it helps that as an establishment it has a cracking sense of humour and a propensity for boisterous mischievity, with every night of the week heralding a different theme or event. For instance, if you’re to wander, cycle or drive past the Dan on Taco Thursdays, you’ll most likely see a crowd spilling out onto the small park next to the historic pub, brandishing tacos and a glass of amber liquid.When it comes to functions, the Dan O’Connell has a dedicated 200-guest capacity function room, with a private bar and flexible layout. It’s situated on Canning Street, looking out onto Alexandra Parade. Spacious and modern, a mix of communal high tables blend well with brightly coloured cube stools and comfy banquet seating. There’s also a pool table to boot. Tasty, unpretentious food is on offer, as well as canape options.Located north of the CBD, in Carlton, the Dan O’Connell is far enough from the city for there to be trees and grass around, and close enough for a bike or tram ride to see you there in no time. The 96 tram travels down nearby Nicholson Street to/from the CBD, making it a convenient option. 


Capacity: Standing - 30
Seating - N/A

Markov is a bit of a Carlton institution. That phrase is bandied around pretty willy-nilly it’s true, and is occasionally handed out like free iPhones. But come on people - Markov Place and Little Markov have stood along Drummond Street for what seems like ages, always filled with loyal fans of their wine, delicious food and laid-back cool. Walking into Markov, one first encounters the front bar area, a moodily lit rabbit warren of smaller spaces and corners. When the sun’s out (or, let’s face it, even when it’s not), the window makes a nice spot for perching at and watching the world go by. The front bar area’s good for intimate date-conversations with a bottle of wine. Speaking of Markov’s wine list (segue), it’s pretty great. Like, really great. Heading through the bar and down the stairs, one then finds Markov’s newly renovated dining area. It’s just the right amount of “casual”, with a nice dash of “sophisticated dinner” to make it popular with cocktail parties. Markov is found along Drummond Street in Carlton, near the corner of Elgin Street. That’s just a block from Carlton, as well as the 1 and 8 trams to and from the city. The city, Fitzroy and Brunswick are short drives (or rides, or strolls) away.

Paris Go Bistro

Capacity: Standing - 60
Seating - 50

Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood for molecular gastronomy, and for strange flavour combos in strange forms on huge plates. As much fun as that can be, sometimes the mood and craving for comforting French favourites just … strikes. As well it should too; these French favourites have lasted the test of time for a reason.Paris Go Bistro is a Carlton stalwart, having occupied its spot on Rathdowne Street for many a year. It’s a “true gallic bistro”, with a menu full of time-honoured favourites, within a warm, inviting, and effortlessly stylish setting. The service too, is nothing if not friendly and warm - one finds none of that so-called “French arrogance” at Paris Go. Consider it more “charming” than anything resembling pretension.Paris Go is the sort of restaurant experience that leaves diners happy, with a warm glow inside - surely a good thing when functions are concerned.Paris Go is found on Rathdowne Street in Carlton, near the corner of Elgin. For those unfamiliar with Carlton, that particular address is mercifully removed from the hustle and spruiking of Lygon Street, while remaining within walking distance of the University of Melbourne, and trams into the city.

Cure Bar and Eatery

Capacity: Standing - 60
Seating - 25

Cure Bar and Eatery is yet another friendly, laid-back neighbourhood bar that Carlton can add to its long list of friendly, laid-back neighbourhood bars. Of course, being that this is Carlton, you can pretty much guarantee that its neighbourhood bars are going to be of a certain high quality; Cure Bar and Eatery is no exception. The Rathdowne Street fixture is small but feels un-cramped. Maybe it’s because of the friendly ambience, maybe it’s the sunlight. Who knows. Either way, Cure Bar and Eatery is situated a lovely, tranquil distance from the craziness of Lygon Street, and all those other streets that aren’t conducive to hummed phrases from theme songs that include the line “everyone knows your name”.Behind the bar, one finds a plethora (yes, plethora) of whisky. If you (or some birthday-person you know) like whisky, then this is a pretty sure bet for good times. Cure even hosts regular whisky tastings and classes. As far as eats are concerned, there are sharing plates, larger meals and group “feed me” options, as well as banquet dining for larger groups. Cure Bar and Eatery is found on Rathdowne Street, within the leafy maze of bike-filled Carlton streets. The 1 and 8 trams are a block away, and the 96 is a short walk away also. The city is very, very close.

Little Markov

Capacity: Standing - 35
Seating - N/A

Following the success of the renowned Markov Pl, Little Markov was spawned with the emphasis being on a more liquid diet. The intimate setting in Little Markov caters for an array of events, from corporate events to birthday functions. This space is perfect for small groups wanting their own exclusive area while being able to enjoy the ambience and energy of the other areas of the bar. The only requirement for exclusive use is a minimum of 20 people.

Buenos Aires Steak House

Capacity: Standing - N/A
Seating - 80

Who’d have thought it, an authentic Argentinian steakhouse and grill in the heart of Melbourne’s Lygon Street Italian precinct? Whatever alignment of culinary stars led to Buenos Aires Steak House’s presence there, thank them. For when the mood for casual barbequed meats strikes, you now know where to head. Buenos Aires Steak House captures the essence of Argentinian culture, by way of traditional parilla meats, wines from Mendoza, and the sound of tango in the air. The owner and chef are Argentinian, so expect some authentic happenings within the restaurant.Buenos Aires Steak House is a destination for the meat-lover in the family. Sure, there are vegetarian options, but come on. When there’s barbequed meats this good on the menu, you’d hardly be reaching for a salad.Buenos Aires Steak House (location: Australia) is found on Lygon Street in Carlton, near the corner of Grattan Street. As such, it’s also about a block or so away from the University of Melbourne, as well as trams to and from the city and Brunswick.

Carlton Wine Room

Capacity: Standing - 100
Seating - 116

The Carlton Wine Room is a sophisticated, friendly spot for a drink in Carlton. It’s the kind of mix of “date night time to impress” and “low-key catch up” that you’d want to live around the corner from - so the denizens of Carlton best thank their lucky stars they got this one.The Carlton Wine Room holds within its three distinct spaces for functions, and getting together. Firstly, there’s the main bar and restaurant space. There’s a friendly ambience to proceedings here, with plenty of spots to perch, enjoying a glass of wine and some morsels to share (or not share).Downstairs in the cellar, Carlton Wine Room is a cosy, intimate private dining room for up to 12. On the other end of the scale, there’s additionally a couple of light-soaked rooms atop the building for slightly larger groups. Even if you don’t have a function on, the Carlton Wine Room is worth making an excuse to go visit. As one might expect, the wine available is of a very high quality. Don’t fret though - if you don’t know your malbec from your merlot, there’ll be a friendly face able to point you in the right direction.The Carlton Wine Room is located on the corner of Faraday and Drummond Street, a quick stroll or ride away from the city, the University of Melbourne, Lygon Street, and Fitzroy. 

The Shaw Davey Slum

Capacity: Standing - 400
Seating - 100

The Shaw Davey Slum takes a corner pub spot fixture in Carlton and transforms it into a colourful, mischievous homage to the swinging 60s. A sprawling bar, the Shaw Davey Slum wholeheartedly embraces weekend fun, good food, good drinking, and the good times synonymous with 60s pop-culture.In other words, it’s a stellar venue for a function or celebration. Downstairs in the main bar and dining room, the Shaw Davey Slum serves up good pub fare and specials throughout the week (especially attractive no doubt, to the University of Melbourne crowd). The walls are brightly coloured and cheery, all paisley and flowers and purple lights.Upstairs one finds a rooftop space, with a retractable cover above to ensure Melbourne’s unreliable weather never dampens a party mood. The upstairs space also doubles as a private function space - think end of year parties, end of semester celebrations, and milestone birthdays.The Shaw Davey Slum is found on the corner of Elgin Street and Drummond Street, Carlton. A short walk from Melbourne University, there’s quick access to the 1, 8 and 96 tram lines - making it easy to head back into the city or out into the inner north.

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