10 Key Questions to Ask a Potential Event Venue

So, you’re planning an event. It’s an exciting and stressful time. Have you found a venue yet? Once you’ve sent enquiries to a few venues, it’s time to gather the essential info to ensure your event is the best it can be. Talk to venue event planners, arrange site visits, get key dates locked in. Whether you’re touring the venue, talking over the phone, or emailing the function manage at the venue, use these questions to guide you (and to save you a lot of stress down the line!).

1. “Is the space available for my event date?”

This is an obvious one to start with, but it’s also is super important to sort out. If it’s a popular venue you’re desperate to lock down, having some flexibility with the date of your event is an advantage.

2. “When can I set up and pack down?”

Setting up and packing down for an event requires time and organisation – find out upfront if you’re not given enough time to set up. It’s also worth asking if you can leave everything at the venue for the night and when you can pick it up.

3. “What are the hidden costs?”

Transparency is key! Find out upfront what the hidden costs are – it’s never just as simple as minimum spends or venue hire. Cleaning, cakeage, security, bar spend, deposit, damage liability and other hidden fees are inevitable for events, so avoid any rude shocks by getting the low-down before you book in.

4. “Will you be there on the night? Who’s my best contact?”

Knowing who your go-to contact will be throughout the event planning process is imperative. You’ll most likely have a tonne of questions as the organising rages on, so you need to know who you can call on. Also, make sure you confirm who will be helping you on the day of the event.

5. “What decorations can I have?”

If you’re looking to be throwing around petals, confetti, or lighting candles, you better check you’re actually allowed to do those things. Because you might just only be able to blow bubbles.

6. “What suppliers do you recommend?”

You’re going to need assistance with AV, styling, furniture hire, cake, florists and other things you probably didn’t consider (yet). Your best bet is to ask the venue who they work with the most or who can offer a great price for your event.

7. “Can I control the music?”

This sometimes isn’t as straight-forward as you think. Check if you can plug in your MP3/computer/playlist via an auxiliary connection, or check if DJs are allowed and where they can set up.

8. “I’m not in a totally exclusive event space, how private can we make it?”

You might not hire out an entire venue or private function space within a venue. If that’s the case, ask how sectioned-off/private it can be. You don’t want the public just rolling through/joining the party whenever you want (or hey, maybe you do want that).

9. “What are your licensing times/when do we have to get out?”

Ensure you know exactly what time you and your guests need to leave the space – you don’t want it to come as a surprise when you’re told to leave. You can also ask the venue for recommendations for where to head after the event! After party, anyone?

10. “How do you handle specific dietary requirements?”

This isn’t just about asking “are there vegetarian options?” – this is about what they can do for your guests. What delicious options can they offer to the food intolerant, vegans and vegetarians that aren’t just vegetable rice paper rolls? 

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