7 Successful Content Marketing Strategies for Venues

You’ve likely been told to implement a number of content marketing strategies for your venue and your website. Retargeting, search engine optimisation (SEO), email-marketing – chances are, you’re already sick of hearing about these. Content marketing strategies can help boost your sales and generate an increased number of leads. But some of these methods can be time-consuming and far more technical than you ever anticipated. Today, we’ll explore a list of seven key tips, techniques and content marketing strategies that you can easily implement now, guaranteeing a boost in your sales figures.

Optimise Your Website

Users like websites that are fast, obviously. You need to ensure that your website loads fast and gives users what they want quickly. You can use a range of online tools to test the speed of your website. Your hosting service may be slowing you down. One of the more common factors that venue owners may overlook is the theme, or the design and layout. Ensure the theme of your website is optimised to maximise speed. Furthermore, you’ll want a responsive theme that automatically reformats itself for mobile devices. This is because the majority of your traffic is bound to come from people browsing on their phone or tablet. Easy browsing results in happy customers.

Develop a Schedule

When you’re posting, one of the most effective ways to boost your views and engagement rate is to create a social media or editorial schedule. It’s recommended that you upload a new post every other day as a minimum. Within this schedule, you’ll want to list out what keywords you’re using, as well as the times and the hashtags you’ll use. Also, think about the time of day you’re posting. When targeting corporate clients and venues, it’s best to post first thing, so it’s fresh in their feed. For customers, around 3pm is good as this is peak procrastination time. This is one of the most efficient content marketing strategies. It will ensure you’re covering all the bases in your campaign and maximising your opportunities.

Joseph Nash, a content marketer for Australian Help, elaborates.

“By creating a schedule, you are enabling yourself to become organised and planned which is essential in this industry. This allows you to be sure that you’re not repeating yourself and you can easily see which topics are you missing out on. This also helps to guarantee consistency with your posting, something that your readers will hugely appreciate.”

Invest in PPC Campaigns

This stands for Pay-Per-Click. PPC campaigns will allow you to target people through Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other social media platform your business uses. Utilising the built-in tools, you’ll be able to target the exact demographics you want to focus on. For example, if you’re a venue that hosts conferences, you’ll want to target corporate people, typically aged around 25-60, with a strong LinkedIn presence. Keep an eye on peak conferencing dates (typically March-October) and you’ll know when to step up your marketing.

content marketing strategies

Generating Your Content

When you create and write your content, you’ll want to be sure that it’s of the highest quality possible. Proofread and edit your work to perfection. Re-read everything multiple times before you post it to ensure the language and tone of voice are on brand, and you’re getting your message across. This will help you engage your readers, which will increase your levels of readability and therefore draw more people to your venue’s website.

Utilise Online Tools

Creating high-quality content will be the key to your success, which is why it’s imperative that you get it right. If you’re too busy running your business or have any doubts about the quality of your content, it’s highly recommended that you enlist the help of online tools to guarantee this quality. Below is a couple of tools to help you achieve any task you come across.

State of Writing

To develop your skills as a writer, refer to this website for professional writing advice on how to write quality marketing materials that will connect to your readers with high levels of readability.

Via Writing

It’s important to make sure your message is clear and concise. It’s also vital that is grammatically correct. This is a handy grammar resource for everyone who wants to improve content writing skills.


This incredibly easy-to-use and free online tool allows even those most creatively challenged to be a designer. Choose from an array of different layouts, designs, symbols and images. Create beautiful-looking content without spending a cent.

Get Yourself on Venuemob!

An increasing number of users are searching on Venuemob to find their ideal venue. This platform covers the whole gamut of the event industry: birthdays, weddings, parties, conferences, meetings – everything! For venues, Venuemob is a multifaceted tool. Venues own their listing, with the freedom to update images, information and pricing whenever they wish. It’s also a platform that will attract new customer enquiries. By investing a little bit of time, you can create and maintain a listing full of stunning content, that will draw in new customers. And new customers mean new leads, which means potential revenue in your pipeline.

This was a guest post from Mary Walton. Mary is an editor at Assignment Help Sydney. She is also a business writer and speech writing consultant. Mary is also a content manager at EssayRoo, an Australian custom writing service. Mary has an educational blog Simple Grad (read one of her posts here: OzEssay.com.au Review).

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