Spotlight on: Arts Centre Melbourne

Arts Centre Melbourne is one of those iconic Melbourne buildings. The ballerina-skirt spire reaching into the skyline, the red and gold foyer, the drum shape of Hamer Hall.

In many minds, Arts Centre Melbourne is a building reserved for concerts, performances and the dramatic arts. Not one to be typecast, Arts Centre Melbourne can transform to become an exquisite event space.

“We can transform any space into something amazing, with lighting and production,” says Dominoe Aranyi. “We are blessed to have such an incredible world class production team to work with.”

This versatility was pushed to the max at a special event held earlier this year in, of all places, the Loading Dock.

arts centre Melbourne

“As part of Asia TOPA festival, we held an event that was full of surprises. We were able to utilise the Loading Dock space for the first time,” says Dominoe.

Guests arrived on the State Theatre stage. They were greeted with Melbourne Gin Company and Longsong at Longrain cocktails, with canapés designed by lauded chef David Moyle.

arts centre Melbourne

“Guests had an authentic experience on how the actors would access the stage, moving down through the back of house areas via the dressing rooms,” says Dominoe.

“They were able to stand on the State Theatre stage, allowing them to feel like a star.”

It was then time for the show-stopping reveal: a one tonne door was moved to reveal a set-up for a three-course dinner in the theatre Loading Dock.

“It was incredible,” says Dominoe. “It’s already a very funky space, very industrial. By adding some extra touches, we really created that wow factor.”

Some of those ‘extra touches’ included a DJ, suspended one floor above the diners, with a digital art projection by Thai video artist Kawita Vatanajyankur.

Arts Centre Melbourne already has a number of impressive event spaces. The addition of the Loading Dock will allow guests to really unleash their creativity. It’s a semi-blank canvas; an industrially raw space.

“It’s the first time the space has been available for events,” says Dominoe. “So, we’re really looking forward to see what we can transform the space into.”

If the Asia TOPA event is an example of how the space can be transformed, adding some lighting designs, projections and greenery will really make the space pop.

The addition of the Loading Dock to Arts Centre Melbourne further expands the venue’s repertoire of unique spaces. Whether it’s an elaborate dinner on the State Theatre stage, an intimate soireé in the Plaza Room, or a key event in the Loading Dock, the team at Arts Centre Melbourne know how to turn a function space into an experience within itself.

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