Building a New Platform with the Venuemob Product Team

Why did we build a brand new venue management platform? What’s new for customers and venue partners? How did the idea take shape? And why is the new Venuemob a huge improvement from the last? All of these questions are answered in a conversation with James Giang and Hamza Hasan, the minds leading technology at Venuemob.

Venuemob objective: Simplify the event planning process. Venuemob solution: build a brand new website with more information, easy to use features and a seamless user experience. The team in charge of making this objective a reality? Our powerhouse product team.

They may be the quietest team in the office, but the product team is made up of six human-shaped machines who are constantly working behind the scenes to build the best new products for customers and our 3000+ venue partners. This team is comprised of user experience (UX) designers, web wizards, analysts and detail-focused developers bringing event booking and planning into the digital realm.

The events industry is still largely reliant on paper based processes, but the product team is leading the charge to ensure that event booking is one beautifully smooth operation for all parties involved. In such a fast-paced environment, the needs of the market are constantly evolving and this team are perpetually observing industry shifts to stay ahead of the game.

Venuemob brings event booking online, providing a central hub for party people, event planners and venue managers.

What’s new?

Venuemob is now faster, prettier, more intuitive and responsive on all platforms. It’s a new-look, new-feel product that gives venues and customers greater freedom and more control over booking and enquiry processes.

Venuemob Co-Founder, James Giang, said, “The new product has been built to mimic real-world venue booking processes, guiding customers and venue staff through a more efficient user journey.”

Venuemob Manager

The new Venuemob has been designed as a tool to make venue booking an integrated and automated process. The Venuemob Manager dashboard is the control centre for venue partners, and teams of all sizes. Venues can manage their enquiries, reply to messages, send proposals and keep track of their progress with enquiry, conversion and response rate stats. An in-built task manager provides users with meaningful information and actionable reminders to help kick-start the day and improve efficiency.

For customers, the updated version of Venuemob offers more transparency between customers and venues, arming clients with more information and an archived events list to help them make informed decisions. Customers are able to keep track of their enquiries with a click, and compare venues side-by-side.

User-centered design

Every decision made by the product team is driven by the needs of the end user. Customer focus groups drove the first research stage of this project, helping the team determine exactly what functions and features would best serve the user.

“In these venue workshops, we gained user insights which helped us understand the venue booking process from different perspectives. We provide a service to over 3000 venues of different types and sizes, so needs and expectations are vast and varied,” says James.

It’s these varied perspectives that prompted the team to design a platform with flexible features. Venues now have the ability to update everything on their listing, from photos and FAQs  to pricing and availability.

The new Venuemob has been designed in collaboration with venue staff, for venue teams. The result? A fully integrated enquiry management platform and a free marketing tool with intuitive features and a logical flow.

Devil in the detail

Every member of the product team has a crucial role to play in the creation and development of new products. James, Hamza, and Matthieu are the design leads of the team, working to streamline processes and create intuitive features for all users. These three consider the end user at every stage of production, asking questions along the way and integrating shifting needs into the evolving product.

Venuemob Manager

“The devil really is in the detail with large tech projects like this one. There is a complex and deliberate design behind every element of the website,” says Head of Product, Hamza Hasan.

Darnell, Ming and Jing are the technical trio. As full-stack developers, their role is to build everything a user sees and interacts with on the website. They’re detail-focused coding wizards who are constantly developing software to keep the website running smoothly.

‘Mobile-first’ has been the strategy driving this project from the very beginning. Customers and venues can now make and manage enquiries on mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Every action, movement and feature is deliberately designed and painstakingly coded by the team.

What’s next?

Feedback from all customers will help drive this evolutionary project into the next stage of development. The needs of the market are constantly shifting and this team is committed to providing customers with the most efficient processes for making enquiries, managing event leads and finding the best venues.

There are a huge number of new features in the works for customers and our venue partners. As the industry shifts towards a digital future, Venuemob will continue to provide the best tools to streamline event planning and booking processes.

The new iteration of Venuemob will have an in-built calendar and live pricing data, providing customers with more information and giving venues greater freedom and flexibility to set themselves apart from competitors.

Venuemob has always sought to simplify processes for the events industry, by building closer connections between customers and venues. This new product brings Venuemob into a whole new era.

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