Venues: how is your availability data affecting your event enquiries and bookings?

Since launching availability on Venuemob, we’ve seen some interesting results. And by that we mean: AMAZING results. Think 50% increases in total value of enquiries, enquiries heading straight to available dates, and one particular 2018 month already eclipsing November and December (it’ll surprise you) in bookings.

Firstly, if you’re a Venuemob partner and you haven’t heard of our brand-spanking new availability feature – where have you been?! Please, out from under that rock. We have some catching up to do.

Availability is live on our search results for customers to see. What are they seeing? When your venue is available. If they search for a Friday in December, they’re search see your availability the following, and previous Fridays. If you have available dates that YOU want to sell, you’ll be front and centre for customers that need to know quickly.

But what about those amazing results?

Obviously, we’ve been pushing all of our venue partners to utilise the availability calendar in Venuemob Manager in the way that suits them. Each week since has seen an increase in the venues updating not only the dates they want to sell and highlight, but also the days that are completely booked.

Avoiding the hassle of receiving enquiries for those booked dates has resulted in less time spent responding to unsuitable events, and time saved for teams that we know are run off their feet during November and December.

And as for the venues that have highlighted available dates, they’ve seen a 50% increase in the total value of the enquiries they’re now receiving.

Of the overall enquiries coming through the system, a huge portion of those are heading to the venues – for a couple of reasons. Firstly, customers want to send event enquiries for dates they can see as being available. Knowing that, and knowing the two key things people need to book a venue are pricing and availability, we’re boosting all venues that have updated availability in our search results. Being higher in search results is definitely going to mean an increase in event enquiries.

February 2018: already bigger than Christmas

This is where things get interesting. November and December are – as we all expected – bumper months, filled with end of year celebrations all over the country, and of every size. That said, with the launch of availability and that increase in enquiries, we’ve found that February 2018 is already eclipsing November for events, and chasing on the heels of December.

We were initially pushing our venue partners to focus on ensuring their November and December availability, but it looks those venues that have highlighted booked dates, and dates they want to sell, in the new year are faring even better.

People are looking ahead, and booking events – and they’re booking even more with this data available.

What’s being booked? 

You heard it here first. Our stats so far are telling us that corporate cocktail parties and birthday events are going off. We repeat: November has already been eclipsed by February events. Make sure you grab your slice of the good times and the bookings.

Remind me how to update my availability? 

Easy. Head to Venuemob Manager and then to the Availability section. Time to begin highlighting the dates you want to sell, and marking those booked dates as ‘booked’! Note that we do NOT recommend marking EVERY day as ‘available’, nor do we recommend keeping every single date within every space completely up to date consistently. Keep things simple, and keep the effort low – highlight the dates YOU want Venuemob customers to flock to.  Find out more about availability here.

So, what are you waiting for? More and more of our top venue partners have been updating their availability, and they’re seeing a difference already. Ensure you’re seeing some of that action, and booking in events in early 2018 to kick off the new year on the right track and smashing those sales targets. Update your availability now >>

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