Venuemob Marketplace Update: Event booking trends and tech updates

Late last year we gave you a look at our newly-released availability calendar, and how this new useful content was affecting Venuemob customers’ behaviour in enquiring and booking events.

And now that availability information is being used by the majority of our top venues and there’s more information than ever available for customers, we can see even more fascinating results in our marketplace’s event booking trends.

Heads up, venue partners! Unless you’ve been dwelling under a rock, you’ve probably heard us talking/emailing/messaging excitedly about our new availability feature. Basically, our venue partners are able to  update the availability of each space at their venue. And customers? They can see this information right there in front of them when they’re looking for a venue.

event booking trends

Confirmation of availability is one of the main points of friction in making an enquiry that we’re trying to cut out.

If we remove the need for any “Is the venue available on this date” message, then we’re already one step closer to a confirmed booking – and we’re already looking at qualified enquiries.

How’s the availability feature going?

We know availability is incredibly useful information. So it’s great to see customers using this data when booking their events. In 2018, we can see 50% of ALL enquiries going to venues that have accurate availability data.

That is, the event enquiry is being sent to venues with an accurately marked ‘available’ date. Customers are avoiding the red ‘unavailable dates’, saving both time on their end AND for venues.

Since we’re boosting venues with accurate and up to date availability information in our search results, and since this data is legitimately useful for customers, we’re finding more and more of our venue partners updating availability for their spaces.

In fact, in the first month and a half of 2018, we’ve already seen more dates updated than we did in the entire latter three months of 2017 combined.

Won’t my venue be buried in search results if we’re booked out?

Short answer: no!

Longer answer: a number of things affect the way venues are ranked in our search results. If you have updated availability but you’re booked on a number of dates a customer is looking for, you’ll still be ranked higher than a venue with no availability information at all.

That said, if your listing is missing high res imagery, a venue description, useful FAQs and other menu/function package PDFs, you won’t be ranked very highly in the first place. Same goes for venues with a very slow response rate to customers.

Basically, it’s important to keep your Venuemob listing looking good, and filled with everything a customer needs to make a qualified enquiry that turns into a booking.

Head to Venuemob Manager to update your listing, and to check up on both your venue profile score, and availability score!

What months should I be updating? What months are customers looking at?

In short? Customers are making heaps of enquiries for March and April. Corporates are a looking a little further ahead. And we’re already seeing hundreds of enquiries per week for Christmas and end of year events.

We recommend always keeping your availability up to date for the next couple of months at any time. Don’t stop there though – November and December are always busy (but we’re sure you know that), and our customers are ALWAYS looking to book their end of year events – even directly after they’ve held their previous Christmas party. If you have key Fridays and Saturdays booked in December, mark them as such!

Save yourself time, highlight available dates, and get your venue a handy boost in our search results while you’re at it.

Head to Venuemob Manager to update your availability calendar >>

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