Booked by Venuemob: meet Kim Cantwell from Paxus

Here at Venuemob, we take great pride in helping our customers to realise their vision for their event. While this is not always an easy task, our team derives great satisfaction from turning words on a screen into a tangible achievement. And when it comes to our corporate clients, the challenge, and thus reward, is even greater.

Today, we hear from Kim Cantwell at Paxus – a leading technology and digital talent agency. Kim, who is responsible for the day to day operations of the Victorian branch, whilst also supporting the Victorian sales team and head office, has an extremely full schedule. Venuemob began working with Kim last year to save her and Paxus time, money whilst also maximising the potential of all their events and meetings.

What sorts of events does Paxus hold?

Including the head office, we organise everything from management conferences to Christmas parties for our staff and contractors, as well as staff functions throughout the to celebrate achievements by the branch.  We also host a quota club each year for the management team and sales staff winners.

Sounds like a lot! So, how has Venuemob helped you/your business?

Venuemob saves me a lot of time spent searching and trawling. This platform also opens the door to venues I would never have found or been able to experience otherwise.

What’s your favourite feature about the Venuemob process and/or platform?

Just the ease of use, really, is what I like best about Venuemob. Also, the follow up is usually instantaneous. Whether it be from the actual venue or a member of the Venuemob team, the response time is great.

booked by Venuemob
History meets modernity at Melbourne’s Captain Melville.

Tell us about your favourite event booked by Venuemob.

We started using Venuemob a year ago and have booked three venues so far, the third being used this year in December. But our favourite so far was an event we held at Captain Melville in central Melbourne. It is a quaint pub, with beautiful, old style architecture. The staff were fantastic too. Everyone had a great time and the food was amazing.

And just for fun…what’s the craziest or most memorable event you’ve been to?

A few years ago we hired a yacht and had a staff event on the water. We stopped at Docklands and picked up platters of seafood including crayfish, everything. It was a beautiful day on the water and one I will never forget.

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