Team Talks: Venue Booking Manager, Angie

What kind of skills do you need to match a client with the perfect venue? And what does a venue booking agent get up to on the daily? Today we chat to Angie about her creative venue sourcing skills and event planning prowess.

Venue Booking

Paint us a picture of your day as a Venue Booking Manager at Venuemob. What do you get up to on the daily?

I begin the day by checking in on my to do list, then once I’ve prioritised my tasks (and grabbed a coffee) I get to work responding to leads that have come through in the last day or so. As Venuemob’s website is so comprehensive, people often navigate through the booking process themselves. Sometimes though, our corporate customers may need help with a particular aspect of the venue sourcing or event planning process, and that’s where I come in.

Next, I usually connect with clients in the form of a quick phone call to gain insight into their needs so I can get to work formulating a tailored list of venue recommendations. Generally I’ll spend the afternoons following up with clients to see how they’re going and if they need more recommendations, then I can get to arranging site visits for clients.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I really love problem solving, so the best thing about my job is finding solutions to people’s problems. In this case, that means finding the perfect venue to suit a client’s unique requirements!

I love being creative, so I like throwing a rogue venue in the mix that the client may not have ever considered on their own. Just because the brief has been outlined in a certain way doesn’t mean that the dark horse isn’t in the race!  I love getting feedback from clients about venues they liked but would never have thought of without my help.

Venue Booking

Which fellow Venuemob team member do you work most closely with? Tell us about your dynamic.

As the new kid on the block I rely on the whole team for guidance. They are so supportive and always up for a bit of input and advice. I feel really lucky, they are so amazing and know so much.  

Can you recall the most unique event you’ve ever booked? Tell us about it!

I find that every event is unique in its own way. I have worked on some great events over the years from film festival dinners, wine launches, weddings and even wakes.

The best thing about any event is matching the right venue to the needs of the client and feeling like you’re really making a difference to the client’s experience. It’s always so rewarding to get thanks from a happy client, or to get feedback from a grateful venue.

Venue Booking

Tell us about your current favourite venue?

I love the aesthetic and light-filled space of Higher Ground, and the warmth and intimacy (and cocktails) of The Everleigh. I’m a bit old school.

What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever had from a customer?

I recently had to find a space that could accommodate 100 guests, as well as radiology equipment and beds. It was pretty unusual, but we did it!

Venue Booking

Angie may seem quiet, but she’s a secret trivia master who can be found using her creative brain to find venue-shaped solutions for our community of event planners.

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