Team Talks: Venue Booking Manager, Gemma

She flavours her own gin, is a fantasy board-game master, and a venue sales superstar. Today we chat to Gemma about her current favourite venues, and the ins and outs of her job as a Venue Booking Manager at Venuemob.

Paint us a picture of your day as a Venue Booking Manager at Venuemob. What do you get up to on the daily?

Mornings always include a little bit of chit chat – we’re a customer service and sales team, and all love to talk. We then break down our workload and delegate tasks, a process that often starts by talking about who has capacity to take on a new corporate event lead that comes from the business development team.

When I’m contacting a client who has made an enquiry through our website, I quickly read through their projected event details, and see what amount of contact they may have already had with our venues. Quite often clients don’t know where to start looking because there are so many venues out there. That’s where we can offer our institutional knowledge and guide them towards a venue that is perfect for their needs.

I’ll then spend a good chunk of my day crafting personalised venue recommendations, talking to venues about a client’s event, collecting proposals, following up clients to see where they are at, and sending out even more recommendations.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I love visualising each client’s unique event and having the knowledge to know exactly what venue would be a perfect fit for the client. It’s a creative task to turn a brief into a list of venue suggestions, which is essentially transforming words in an email into a physical representation of their event vision.

Which fellow Venuemob team member do you work most closely with? Tell us about your dynamic.

Aside from the daily sound boarding with my own team, I work pretty closely with Brittany from the Business Development team. We work with a lot of the beauty clients together and often get very specific briefs from these clients. We combine our skills in sales and customer service and spend a lot of time brainstorming to find the perfect space. We’re both really energetic with bubbly personalities so we bounce off each other well.

Can you recall the most unique event you’ve ever booked? Tell us about it!

It would probably be a tech conference for New Zealand and Singapore. It wasn’t the conference content that made it unique, but the fact that these were the first ever international bookings made through Venuemob. There were a lot of tiny details that I didn’t consider beforehand, such as terms and conditions in a contract bound to a certain country’s law, currency conversion in a proposal, and international phone area codes. It was definitely tricky, but a lot of fun.

Tell us about your current favourite venue?

I have a different favourite for every kind of event, and for every state! For now, I’ll pick The Common Man because it is a super simple space in Melbourne that melds the inside with the outside, perfect for summer. There is an outdoor lawn section that compromises astro turf and a cute white picket fence, which usually has some kind of pop-up collection of furniture and decor. It’s also super budget-friendly, so I’m pretty sure clients could easily convince their boss to have the end of year staff bash there!

What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever had from a customer?

Once I was given a pretty out there brief from a customer wanting to know if a catwalk stage and 600 people could fit inside a cruise terminal for a hair show!

Gem is an enthusiastic booking agent with the gift of the gab, and a serious knack for super creative event briefs.

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