10 of the hottest wedding trends for 2019

The question has been popped, and the save-the-date cards sent. Now comes the prodigious task of planning your special day. From the venue, to the dress, the food and everything in between – you want your wedding to be one to remember. We take a look at the hottest wedding trends for the year, to ensure your special day sticks in the minds of your guests, long after you say, “I do.”

wedding trends
Getting hitched in the backyard

As the definition of ‘traditional wedding’ shifts with time, more and more couples are opting for events that are more casual affairs. Backyard weddings are on the rise. With a few choice suppliers, couples can create the bespoke event of their dreams, all the while keeping the event relaxed. It’s amazing how a marquee, some festoon lighting and curated decorations can turn even the most bland backyard into a romantic tableau.


Wedding trends
Source: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

It’s a nice day, for a *insert colour here* wedding

While the crisp white dress may be the go-to favourite for weddings, more and more brides are adding colour to their events, and their wedding dresses. From a deep shade of romantic red, to elegant, shimmering gold, colourful wedding dresses are on the rise. The same goes for place settings and decorations. Hessian table runners, colourful crockery and bare tabletops are an increasingly popular fixture.


Wedding trends
Source: Elite Daily

Make your photos POP!

Colourful smoke bombs, flares and custom-shaped sparklers are cropping up in wedding photos the world over. These bright, shiny additions instantly add that element of fun and pizzazz to photos, destined to grace your walls for years to come. And with the growing popularity of wedding videographers, these sparkly additions translate beautifully on screen.


Source: The Wedding Playbook.

Spring suspension

Floral or green chandeliers are eye-catching things of beauty and one of those wedding trends that’s a perennial favourite. They’re a particularly handy option for maximising space in a smaller area. You could order smaller pieces to hang above each table, in lieu of a centrepiece. Now your guests can see one another, and the place settings can be spread comfortably.


Source: Bloglovin’

Homemade favours

Warning – for the super organised and culinarily-inclined only! Add a personal touch to your party favours  by creating mini homemade bombonieres for guests. If you have a decent amount of time up your sleeve and some kitchen prowess, homemade preserves make for great bombonieres. Plus, by making preserves like jam, sauces or pickles, you can tick one more thing off your list months before the wedding.


Chalking it up

From welcome signage, to seating instructions, decorative pieces or, if you have the space, a fun activity for tiny guests, chalk is a versatile wedding trend. High-grade liquid chalk makes it easy to write instructions or messages on boards, while buckets of colourful jumbo chalk and a bit of spare concrete will keep the kids entertained.


Source: Bursaria Fine Foods

The slow graze

‘Alternate drop’, ‘chicken or fish’ may have been the norm, but one of the top wedding trends for this year is communal-style grazing dining. That means large share plates, placed in the middle of the table and shared amongst the guests. It’s a great way to encourage conversation between guests and minimise the amount of plate and prep time – reducing the risk of uneven service between guests.


wedding trends
Image source: Apples and Aspidistra

Wedding cakes, but not as you know it

Potentially contentious assertion: fruit cake is gross. It also happens to be the traditional cake of choice for weddings. Also gross: fondant icing. Ditch the brick-like cake and opt for something more personalised. Cupcake towers with one small cake for cutting are a popular choice. Or, if neither of you are persuaded by sugar, you could celebrate your nuptials by cutting into a large wheel of cheese. Cheese ‘cakes’ and accompanying buffets are a wedding trend that’s both novel and delicious.


Source: Rock My Wedding

Festival/camping weddings

Can’t narrow down your guest list? That’s fine! If you have a friend with a particularly large patch of land, multi-day camping or ‘festival’ weddings are one of those wedding trends that are proving very popular with the younger crowd. It could be pared back, with just one day of partying, bookended with two days of rest, allowing the bride and groom to properly catch up with guests. Or, it could be a full weekend-long party zone, with friends DJing or performing, games and feasts. Dress it up, or dress it down – it’s up to you.


Metal straws are a great way to reduce plastic use, and can be used as party favours.

Weddings with a social conscious

In 2019, couples are letting their moral compass guide their decision making. Sourcing dresses from local designers, hiring florists with sustainable tools and practices, ditching the single-use plastics and opting for leftover food/flowers to be either donated or composted. You can also opt for a venue with a strong environmental focus, like these in Sydney and Melbourne  These are just some of the most popular wedding trends that deliver an event that’s both memorable and socially responsible.

These 10 wedding trends are forecast to be incredibly popular in 2019. When planning your big day though, it’s vital to remember – it’s your big day. The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself!

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