Inside Lancemore Macedon Ranges

As you make your way down the gravel driveway, you’re immediately awash with a feeling of calm energy. Sweeping views of the rolling hills spread across the horizon. A white picketed bridge over a dam stocked with local yabbies serving as your first welcome to Lancemore Macedon Ranges.

The reception is both welcoming and finely curated – country warmth meets gallery aesthetic. Expansive glass walls invite you to begin to contemplate the unique beauty of your surrounds. Vines, part of a James Halliday award-winning vineyard and responsible for producing the estate’s pinot grapes, fan out across the opposite hill. The dam, home to some happy ducks and inconspicuous trout, sparkles beneath the sun. A huge elm casts its shade across a large portion of the lawn.

From even first impressions, it’s clear why Lancemore Macedon Ranges is a popular destination for conferences and networking events. Every element and detail has been considered and tailored to suit groups. Individual needs are of course met, but there is an attentive emphasis on how groups can use and interact in the venue and across the whole property.

As Lancemore Macedon Ranges Director of Sales Dominoe Aranyi explains, identifying and understanding the needs of delegates has greatly shaped the flow and feel of the entire property. Rather than confine a group to four set walls, the team at Lancemore Macedon Ranges understand that a majority of the outcomes are often achieved outside of the plenary room.

“Each conference and meeting space has its own assigned, private breakout lounge,” says Dominoe. “It’s a great way to encourage guests to relax whilst in a private group setting.”

The collective experience is king at Lancemore Macedon Ranges. From meetings and conferences held in expansive rooms filled with natural light, to sunset dinners, bush breakfasts and activities that make the most of their bucolic surrounds, how the guests interact with the property, and each other, is purposefully facilitated.

From when the sun peeks over the horizon, to when the stars are in full view, a guest can take part in a range of unique experiences. The team building activities on offer are some of the region’s most diverse. From starting the day with a campfire bush breakfast experience, to croquet with cocktails, trout fishing and alfresco barbecues, navigating through a permanently installed ropes course, to finishing the day with a wine tasting or cocktail party atop the property’s lookout, guests are unlikely to come across the same activity twice, even during a multi day residential conference.

These unique activities are wonderful at re-energising delegates. Conferences and meetings often involve a huge download of information, concepts or ideas. Keeping the group alert, and engaged, is always a challenge. The team at Lancemore Macedon Ranges recognise this challenge, and whether directly or indirectly, they serve to ensure each conference and meeting is a success.

Naturally-lit rooms, clean, temperate and quiet spaces, top-notch AV, even comfortable chairs (a vital and often overlooked element) all serve towards making conferencing an enjoyable experience for guests. Once the busy part of the day is over, the tranquility of Lancemore Macedon Ranges entices guests to decompress and fully recharge. You’ll likely see a group submerged in the infinity pool, draped over the side, staring at the picturesque scene before them, with other colleagues happily reclining on the sunbed. Or during the cooler months, guests will perch themselves around the campfire, or on the deck, glass of locally-grown pinot noir in hand. And as the golden hour pours across the estate, guests can tuck into a superb dinner as neighbouring kangaroos hop across the distance and take a dip in the dam.

“It’s just magical,” smiles Dominoe. “In summer, they can have dinner on the deck, or under the elm. And winter is wonderfully cosy – all the fireplaces in the venue are in operation. So, they can kick back with a glass of red and unwind.”

Spring Hill Estate by Lancemore

This healthy combination of work and relaxation ensures guests get the most out of their conference experience. The down time between sessions allows them to recharge fully, retaining more and entering each day with a renewed sense of energy. The relaxed and beautiful setting also encourages networking, fostering new connections and revitalising existing ones.

Lancemore Macedon Ranges goes beyond merely hosting conferences. Their emphasis on the overall experience and wellbeing of guests nurtures the potential a conference holds. The setting, whilst practical and efficient, is also incredibly warm, welcoming and relaxing. It is a venue that extinguishes any risk of burnout, resulting in delegates leaving inspired, informed and far more relaxed than when they entered this beautiful property.

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