5 tips for creating a healthy event experience for guests

Health consciousness. It is a concept that, for many, is becoming ingrained into our everyday lives. Two decades ago, you would have been hard pressed to find a single gym in your suburb. All-you-can-eat buffets were commonplace. And smoking was still permitted in some restaurants. Now, it’s all about the #fitspo, clean living, and daily step goals. Given this ubiquitous trend towards healthy living, it makes sense that there’s been an upwards spike in the number of requests for healthy event experiences and options.

Whether it’s the major theme of your event, or a single element, we show you how easy it can be to create a truly healthy event experience for you and your guests.

Healthy events

Set your environment

When choosing a venue for your event, it’s best to opt for a space that has a harmonious balance, inside and out. That means plenty of natural light, a stable temperature that’s not wildly different from outside, and access to outdoor space. Hiring an entire venue is the best way to take control over the environment of your venue. Warehouses, like these in Sydney and Melbourne, also make popular choices for hosting healthy event experiences.

Food is fuel. Tasty, tasty fuel

People are becoming increasingly aware of the impact food has on our minds, bodies and the planet. That being said, food is still one of the most inherently joyful daily pleasures that exist. When choosing what to put on the menu for your healthy event, it’s important to strike a balance between nutritious and tasty. An increasing number of function venues are beginning to develop special healthy event menus. These range from fruit and veggie-laden morning tea breaks during conferences and meetings, to health-focussed banquets.

healthy events

Keep it moving

Corporate events like conferences, seminars and meetings are notorious for including a whole lot of sitting and not much movement. By adding a physical group activity, you’ll rejuvenate your delegates, ensuring that once the break is over, they’re feeling refreshed. Yoga, Tai Chi, mediation and even little outdoor activities like bocce provide delegates with a quick physical and mental break that will sustain them for the rest of the afternoon.

Healthy event experience

Foster connections

An attendee of any event could easily go from start to finish without uttering more than a few words. They could rock up to your seminar, tick off their name, sit quietly, stay ‘til the end, then leave. Even for social events – they could grab a drink and spend their time in the corner, nose in their phone. Encourage guests to mingle and interact with one another. For conference-style events, incorporate a few quick exercises to get people mingling with their neighbours. Icebreakers like ‘Find three things in common with your neighbour’, or ‘Sell yourself in 30 seconds’ are popular picks. For social events, the inclusion of mini games, like Jenga or quoits, encourages people to play together.


Healthy booze

If you’re feeling really bold, you could do away with alcohol altogether at your event. Cold-pressed juices, smoothie bars and mineral water infusions are all on-trend at the moment. If the presence of alcohol is non-negotiable, try serving low-carb or calorie options, and focus on locally produced varieties. You may also be able to locate a nearby brewery, distillery or winery that focuses on organic ingredients. Light soda-water mixers, natural or organic wine and low-carb beer are great alternatives. If the venue allows it, you could bring in an external supplier to customise the drinks on offer.

Creating a healthy event experience will not only ensure your event is on-trend, but it will also result in your guests leaving your event feeling happy, buoyant and nourished.

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