Flute Private Dining 2019: The Painted Garden

Much like the vibrant street art that injects life into Melbourne’s city streets, The Painted Garden takes a simple dining space, and turns it into something with personality, something that’s colourful and unique.

Glossary of Event Terms

Whether you’re new to planning events, or new to running events, this handy glossary of event terms will help guide you through the lingo pitfalls.

Supplier in focus: Top Dog Entertainment

Jack from Top Dog Entertainment has helped event planners to create unforgettable experiences for their guests for nearly 30 years. He shares his pearls of wisdom.

#VenuemobVIP: Rooftop Runway

Incredible high-end looks, delicious food, and stunning scenery from The Pool Dec – the #VenuemobVIP Rooftop Runway was a one of a kind experience.